Batı Anadolu Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

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Rises from the Aegean and grew with Turkey

Consisting of Batıçim, Batısöke, Batıbeton, Batıenergy and Batıliman, Batı Anadolu  Group, one of the leading industrial enterprises of Turkey, has celebrated its 50th anniversary with a glorious program. Ayhan Sicimoğlu & Latin All Stars took the stage within the scope of the celebrations held at Izmir Arena and they delivered a great performance.
The foundations of which were laid in 1966 and which has become today not only one of the most important industrial groups in the Aegean region but also one of the pioneering groups in Turkey, Batı Anadolu Group celebrated its 50th anniversary with a gala night held in Izmir Arena, with the participation of its business partners as well as of the leaders of the industry and the business world.
Emphasizing that they have started off 50 years ago with the philosophy of “giving back what we take from these lands”, Batı Anadolu Group Executive Director Mr. Tufan Unal has said in his speech, in which he talked about the activities of the Group: ""The foundation of our Group was laid in 1966 with the incorporation of Batı Anadolu Çimento Sanayii A.Ş. as a public joint stock company with 100 percent Turkish capital. Today, as a company making production and offer services in many different fields ranging from cement to ready-mixed concrete, and from energy to logistics, Batı Anadolu Group is in a position of not only one of the most important industrial companies in the Aegean region, but also in Turkey. We have reached this point with the superior efforts and endeavours of our esteemed business partners and employees"".
Stating that the Group gained strength every year and expanded its investments, in line with its growth strategy, Mr. Unal has said: ""In 2015, our total turnover was 605 million TL, whereas our total net profits were 64 million TL. Based on these successful results, we have ranked 24th among the 100 largest industrial enterprises in the Aegean Region in 2015 determined by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO), and 255th among the 500 largest industrial enterprises in Turkey in 2015 determined by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO).”

We will not slow down our investments
Indicating that they will not slow down their investments, and that they will be heading towards their goal of making an investment of 400 million in Batısöke by the end of 2017, Mr. Unal has said: ""Our production capacity will increase by approximately 2-fold, upon the completion of 5 thousand tonne-capacity clinker production, cement grinding and packaging plant by the end of 2017, the construction of which is underway inside the Batısöke factory area. Accordingly, we aim to increase our export figures to 40 million dollars annually. We will continue to create employment opportunities and added-value for our country with the completed and ongoing investments of our Group, which are carried out within the scope of our goal of investing a total of 1 billion TL by the end of 2017.”

Environmentally friendly clinker and cement production 
Drawing attention in his speech to the fact that the Group pays strict attention to using natural resources consciously, reduces the wastes at the source and recycles these wastes to be re-used in the economy wherever possible, Mr. Unal has said: ""Thanks to the economical use of natural resources, we are reducing our carbon footprint. Recently, Batıçim has become one of the pilot companies in the 'Environmental Footprint for the Business World' project of the Aegean Forest Foundation, which received grant support from the European Union. In this way, we aim to be set an example by contributing to the protection of environment and natural resources with the eco-labeling system installed to reduce the carbon emissions of our products and the water use.""

'Good Markets' for healthy nutrition 
Referring to the social responsibility project entitled ""Good Markets"" carried out under the 50th anniversary of Batı Anadolu Group, Mr. Unal has said: ""In our 50th year, we have carried out an important project entitled ‘Good Markets’. The project, which is also supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey Izmir Provincial Health Directorate, aims to contribute to getting both adults and children of the development age to adopt an adequate and balanced nutrition habit in order to maintain a quality and healthy life. We have established direct contact with every age group in our society by making 75 year-round visits to over 20 traditional markets of the Aegean region with a mobile vehicle within the scope of project, which includes dietician chats, body analyses, informative publications and award-winning fun activities. We have reached about 30 thousand people as a result of these visits. We are proud and happy to see that the project has turned out to be a success as could be inferred from the great interest taken in the project in these markets, and the positive feedbacks we have received."" 

Ayhan Sicimoglu & Latin All Stars, who took the stage during the night, had drawn great interest from the audience with their entertaining songs and performances."

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