Sustainability Focuses

As Batı Anadolu Group, we care about our employees, their families and our society living a healthy and quality life.

We aim to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases by creating safe and healthy working environments for our employees by keeping occupational health and safety standards at the highest level.

We strive to ensure that our employees and their families have access to qualified health services and to encourage healthy lifestyles.

We aim to promote a healthy life both in and around the workplace, through sustainable production processes, by minimizing environmental impacts.

We mobilize resources such as health programs, training and social supports to increase the well-being of our employees and their families.

We focus on ensuring fair working conditions and supporting employee development.

We organize training and development programs to support the professional and personal development of our employees.

Through these programs, we develop the talents and skills of our employees. We enable them to develop and encourage them to progress in their careers.

At the same time, employees can make their voices heard through employee representatives and boards. and we create mechanisms through which they can participate.

We contribute to the goal of a more inclusive and sustainable economic growth not only for our own employees, but also for society in general.

We carry out projects in various fields in order to contribute to the development of the National Industry and encourage the culture of innovation.

We aim to reduce our environmental impact and support the transition to a green economy with sustainable products such as low-carbon cement and concrete.

We make infrastructure investments in Information Technologies and Data Security and develop projects that support digital transformation.

We work with a focus on technological innovations to optimize our business processes and increase efficiency. In this way, we increase our competitiveness and support sustainable growth by making our business processes more efficient.

We are committed to improving gender equality and business ethics compliance.

We aim to ensure greater equality of opportunity and diversity in the business world by increasing women's participation in the workforce.

We create a business culture based on the principles of transparency, honesty and responsibility to improve business ethics compliance.

We provide training to our employees on behavior in accordance with ethical values and rules and strengthen business ethics policies.

To ensure equal opportunity, we adopt a fair and objective approach in the recruitment and promotion processes, thus aiming to ensure that our employees can use their potential at the highest level.

We continue to contribute to the formation of a more fair and inclusive society with the steps we take in the areas of gender equality, business ethics compliance and equal opportunity.

While we reduce environmental impact by taking measures such as adopting environmentally friendly technologies, optimizing the use of energy and raw materials, and reducing the amount of waste, we also protect the social rights of employees and aim to increase the welfare of local communities.

In this context, we develop and implement projects in areas such as the use of renewable energy resources and the rehabilitation of mine sites.

We evaluate the performance of our suppliers and encourage them to comply with sustainability standards.

As Batı Anadolu Group, acting with the vision of sustainability, We work determinedly to leave a livable world to future generations.

As Batı Anadolu Group, we are determined to achieve the 2053 Zero carbon target.

We contribute to this goal by taking various steps in areas such as greenhouse gas reduction, carbon reduction, energy efficiency and biodiversity.

We adopt technological innovations and environmentally friendly practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production processes in our factory.