Batı Anadolu Group

We have been chasing our dreams for over 50 years now…
We have been chasing our dreams for over 50 years now…

The BATI ANADOLU GROUP, which has adopted acting on the basis of trustworthiness and honesty as a principle, respects human beings and aims continuous development, was founded in 1966. Having started its journey with Batı Anadolu Çimento Sanayii A.Ş., an aggregate corporation founded with 100% Turkish capital, our group has quickly became one of the most powerful enterprises of the Turkish Cement Industry.   Batı Anadolu Group has been continuing its activities in the cement, ready-mixed concrete, logistics and energy sectors for over 50 years now with a great passion and with the philosophy of giving back what we take from these lands. Pursuing its goal of becoming one of the leading firms of Turkey in the sectors in which it operates with the principles of sustainable production and responsible industrialism, the group continues to grow with its strong financial structure and contributes to the economy of the region and the country with the financial outcomes it has created.

Since the first day of its establishment, Batı Anadolu Group has been pursuing its dreams in line with the principles of continuous development and investment it has adopted. It shapes all its works in line with its goal of achieving “unconditional customer satisfaction” and with the responsibility of being an exemplary institution in the sectors in which it operates.

"The only thing that has never changed is our passion for our business..."

Contributing greatly to the country's economy with its product development works, technology investments, employment it has created, income it has generated from exportation and the taxes it has paid, through its seven different companies that operate in four different sectors ranging from cement to concrete and from logistics to energy with the principles of continuous improvement and continual development, Batı Anadolu Group takes justified proud and happiness of being one of the leading groups of the Aegean region.


As the Batı Anadolu Group, we aim to inure to the benefit of individuals and add value to their lives by prioritizing our social responsibilities, while working for the future of Turkey.    

Corporate citizenship awareness underlies the Batı Anadolu Group’s management approach. As necessitated by our corporate citizenship awareness, we incessantly continue our environment and social responsibility workds. We are implementing various corporate social responsibility projects focusing on the fields of culture-arts, education and healthy life, while continuing our environment and energy efficiency investments in all our facilities.

We aim to leave our mark in people's lives and make everyday life better with our social responsibility efforts. We aim to contribute to the new generations in creating a stronger future by ensuring their development in all spheres of life with the social responsibility projects we carry out.