Sustainability Policy

Batı Anadolu Group aims to fulfill its commitments to stakeholders and future generations by basing sustainability on the company's activities. In this context;
  • To raise awareness among employees and stakeholders about climate change and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by making the company culture a foundation that embraces a sustainability perspective,
  • Taking social, environmental and economic dimensions into consideration when determining business goals,
  • To develop and implement practices that will ensure improvement in the field of occupational health and safety, to prevent occupational accidents and to maximize occupational health standards by taking into account the health of our employees at every stage of our business processes,
  • To act in accordance with ethical values in business processes, to disseminate them to a wide range of stakeholders, from employees to stakeholders, and to constantly observe these principles,
  • To not allow discrimination among our employees under any circumstances, to ensure equal opportunities for women in the workplace, to support the development of women's employment and their qualified active participation,
  • To develop projects that will contribute to the social and economic development of the society and local stakeholders in its fields of activity, and to local employment, and to create opportunities for collaborations,
  • Calculating, verifying and tracking emissions resulting from our activities to combat climate change,
  • To reduce water consumption and increase water efficiency through continuous improvement studies, and to reduce our environmental impact by protecting water resources through the treatment and recycling of wastewater,
  • To adopt sustainable energy management by considering energy production and consumption processes from a holistic perspective,
  • To inform our suppliers about our sustainability strategy and expectations and to contribute to reducing sustainability risks by adding these criteria to supplier performance evaluation processes,
  • We undertake to announce this committed and implemented policy to all our employees, to make it accessible to third parties, and to monitor our policy by ensuring effective communication with our stakeholders.


Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Executive Director