Our Values


The Batı Anadolu Group is a big family with over 1,000 employees that it directly employs, directly and indirectly creating employment for a total of 12,000 people when its subcontractors and suppliers are also taken into consideration.

In line with our responsible industrialism approach we have adopted since our establishment, our corporate values, which are based on core values such as sincerity, continual development, unity, integrity and creativity, aim at a stable, strong and visionary and structured human resource offering a high quality employer brand, consisting of employees that are inquisitive, that aim continuous development and act on the basis their predictions of the future, that ensure high customer satisfaction without compromising product and service quality, that adopt the principle of acting on the basis of reliability and honesty, that are environmentally conscious and aware of their social responsibility towards the society, that respect human beings, and that work as a team with an awareness of “us”.