Social Responsibility

Batı Anadolu Full of Life

As the Batı Anadolu Group, we aim to touch individuals and add value to their lives by prioritizing our social responsibilities while working for the future of Turkey.

We are carrying out activities in many areas ranging from education and health to cultural and art activities, and devising projects to protect the environment and create a more beautiful world. We believe that education is the cornerstone that plays the most significant role in the development and growth of a country, and we thus are building schools and continuing our support to non-governmental organisations in this context.

Within the scope of our “Good Markets” project, we travel through neighborhood markets with the aim to contribute to both adults and children of the developmental age in getting in the habit of balanced nutrition and regular exercising. We have been contributing to the archaeological excavations carried out in the ancient city of Magnesia in line with the permissions granted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, for more than 20 years now for the recognition of Turkey's cultural heritage by more people.